Adventures In Missions

AIM's Famous Triple Guarantee

  1. You Will Work Hard!
    You won't be on a tour or vacation. AIM is not a travel agency. Be prepared for long, hard days on your project!
  2. You Will Have The Time Of Your Life!
    In short, you'll have a blast! Even while working! Ho-hum Christianity is not AIM's way.
  3. Your Life Will Be Changed!
    Serving Christ with terrific new friends in an exciting new culture is a never-to-be-forgotten, life-changing experience.

From the 1991 Summer Projects brochure, Adventures In Missions.

Are All Short-Term Teen Missions the Same?

12 reasons to compare and choose Adventures In Missions (AIM):

  1. Training
    Only AIM intensively trains each summer team prior to leaving for the field. AIM training emphasizes all aspects of a team's involvement.
  2. Purpose
    AIM's prmary purposes are to train teens for service and leadership in their home church while receiving hands-on mission experience.
  3. Experience
    AIM has been involved in shor-term teen missions for high school and college students since 1984. We're not the biggest, but some think maybe the best.
  4. Specialization
    When you want the best, you call in a specialist. At Adventures In Missions, we specialize in short-term missions for teens.
  5. Staff
    All of AIM's staff are full-time professions who are trained and experience in one of the finest programs anywhere for teen missions.
  6. Facility
    Beechwood Lake Camp's 80-acre complex is one of only a handful of facilities in the country dedicated to training teens for missions work.
  7. Fields
    AIM offers you the world, not just one area: North America, South America, the Caribbean, Europe, Africa, and Asia.
  8. Standards
    Adventures In Missions has unsurpassed standars in training, supervision, discipline, quality, and expectations.
  9. Leaders
    All adult leaders on Adventures In Missions teams must complete a thorough selection and training process second to none.
  10. Doctrine
    AIM is committed to nondenominational Christinaity according to the New Testament. No book but the Bible, no creed but Christ, no name but Christian.
  11. Value
    Apples for apples, no one can beat the value received from AIM. Low costs. No hidden costs.
  12. Results
    AIM guarantees lasting results, not just memories of a nice trip. At Adventures In Missions, we change lives. Guaranteed!

From the 1991 Summer Projects brochure, Adventures In Missions.

Success Camp, Commissioning, and Debriefing

Success Camp, often affectionately called "boot camp", is a six-day experience designed to preare each individual and team to function successfully during their assigned project. This training camp is held at AIM's Beechwood Lake Camp facility. Away from all distractions, the Adventures In Missions Success Camp training follows a challenging and demanding schedule designed to teach each team member about the cultural and spiritual situation the team will be in, as well as the particular requirements for their project. Sessions may include how to: lay block, mix mortar and concrete, drive nails, cut lumber, teach a VBS class, have personal devotions, work together, write letters, use puppets, etc. Strong emphasis is placedfo n spiritual maturity and responsibility. The highest Christian conduct is expected of all team members and leaders. Success Camp will be a memorable growing experience which will hold lasting and exciting memories. At the end of your training, you and your team will take part in a special candle-light Commissioning Service on the last evening of camp.

At the conclusion of your international prject, you and your team will spend two days in Debriefing. After leaving the strong spiritual environment of the project, it is i mportant to go home prepared to continue your upward spiritual journey. Debriefintg is a time of praise, sharing, fellowship, and fun. Sessions are held on how to prepare programs to present to your supporters, how to arrange a slide show, how to become more involved in your local church, and more. Participation in each project requires a signed commitment by each team member and leader that he or she will be present for the entire duration of the project. AM can make no exceptions to this policy.

From the 1991 Summer Projects brochure, Adventures In Missions.

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