Coffee Review Standards

Color   Description

Roast is a qualitative, not a quantitiative, rating. Roast impacts the review categories below, but is not directly reflected in the overall rating.

Color Rating Description
  5 No exceptional aroma, thin or flat. May be characterized by astringency, moldiness/mustiness
  6 No exceptional aroma, thin or flat. May have hints of fermentation/slightly unpleasant sweetness.
  7 Slight, simple aroma; straight-forward. Brightness or sweetness indicative of moderate acidity.
  8 Average aroma; brightness or sweetness indicative of average acidity.
  9 Full aroma, indicating complexity and balance, bright or sweet, indicative of noticeable acidity. Fleeting indication of complexity or overtones of flavor.
  10 Highly aromatic, well-balanced, indicating complexity or characteristic beyond that which is found in the flavor, with resonance or depth.

Aroma description.

Color Rating Description
  5 No acidity. Flat, dull, lifeless.
  6 Minimal acidity. Mostly flat, dull, lifeless.
  7 Moderate acidity. Somewhat bright or lively, but not characteristically so.
  8 Average acidity. Brightness or liveliness, though not enough to contribute overtones in flavor.
  9 Noticeable acidity. Tartness evoking comparisons to flavors associated with dry wine.
  10 Highly acidic. "High notes", wine-like dryness, similar to tannin. May be clear and powerful, rich and berry toned. Bright, lively, interesting, satisfying.

Acidity description.

Color Rating Description
  5 No body. Thin, watery.
  6 Minimal body. Thin, watery.
  7 Moderate body.
  8 Average body.
  9 Full body. Noticeable mouthfeel, oily, tactile. Rich.
  10 Exceptional body, noticeable, interesting mouthfeel. Rich, heavy, perhaps oily, chewy, or gritty, with characteristic texture.

Body description.

Color Rating Description
  5 No flavor. flat, lifeless. Unpleasant.
  6 Minimal flavor.
  7 Moderate flavor.
  8 Average flavor. Fairly complex with potentially overwhelming characteristic, or well-balanced without noticeable complexity.
  9 Full flavor. Noticeably complex and balanced.
  10 Exceptional flavor, rich, highly complex, and well-balanced, with noticeable characteristics throughout part or all of full flavor range.

Flavor description.

Color Rating Description
  5 No finish. No aftertaste.
  6 Minimal finish, perhaps unpleasant.
  7 Moderate finish.
  8 Average finish.
  9 Noticeable finish, pleasant aftertaste.
  10 Excellent finish, enjoyable aftertaste. Flavor noticeably develops, revealing maturity and complexity.

Finish description.

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