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’05 NFL Draft – Round 2

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With the 60th overall pick in the '05 draft, the Indianapolis Colts take Kelvin Hayden (CB, Illinois, 5'10, 197, 4.48). From the ESPN NFL Draft Tracker:

Hayden transferred to Illinois in the fall of 2003 and started 10 games at WR (52 receptions for 592 yards and three TD's). He moved to cornerback in the spring of 2004, wound up starting all 11 games and finished with 71 tackles, four INT's and six PBU. Hayden is an intriguing developmental player with adequate size and speed, good natural athletic ability and terrific ball skills. He obviously lacks ideal experience at the DI-A level, not to mention only one year at the cornerback position.

Looks like a developmental pick for what was a thin Indianapolis defensive secondary. Hopefully a solid backup that could develop into a future stud. Still waiting for the d-line picks...

NFL Draft Countdown
On The Clock

’05 NFL Draft – Round 1

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With the 29th overall pick in the '05 draft, the Indianapolis Colts take Marlin Jackson (CB, Michigan, 6'0", 198, 4.59). NFL Draft Countdown profiles Jackson:

Strengths: Great size...Excellent athlete...Very physical and aggressive...Good speed with the ability to close in a hurry...Technique is impressive...Really steps up and rises to the occasion when facing top wideouts.
Weaknesses: Had a down junior season when he was moved to safety...Character might be a concern after some off the field troubles in 2003...Inconsistent at times and may lack top awareness...Some teams could project him to safety.
Notes: Bounced back nicely as a senior when he made the move back to his natural cornerback position...Should vie to be one of the top cornerbacks off the board come April of '05 but workouts will be paramount.

An upgrade to the defensive secondary, but I'm still curious what will be done to shore up the d-line...

UPDATE: More profiles -, On The Clock,

UPDATE II: The Sports Frog nailed the pick in his mock draft.

On The Brink

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I didn't know The Agitator was a Pacer Fan:

If Rick Carlisle doesn't get some consideration for coach of the year, something's amiss. He's taken my Pacers to the brink of hosting the first round of the playoffs after losing his best player for about half the season, his second best player for the entire season, and his third best player for a quarter of the season.

I've not followed the Pacers since the fiasco in Detroit and its aftermath. The NBA is a joke. It has been for years, ever since streetball took over any appearance of actual basketball. But after what the league did to the Pacers, I pretty much completely gave up. Regardless, it's good to see Indiana sticking it to Herr Commissioner by bringing themselves to the brink of hosting the first round of the playoffs.

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Pacers-Pistons (almost) Blows Up Again

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AUBURN HILLS, Mich. (AP) - The threat of a bomb in Indiana's locker room delayed the start of the Pacers-Detroit Pistons game for 1 hour, 25 minutes Friday night.

Can the NBA just cancel all future Pacers-Pistons games in Detroit? Just to be fair, I'd be willing to give up ever having the Pistons in Indianapolis again, too.

Indianapolis Colts Forever

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Colts Owner Jim Irsay says his loyalty to Indy is strong:

"Q: But you're the son of the man who moved the Colts. Like father, like son?

A: It's strange, because I don't like franchise movement. Sometimes when it's necessary at the very end of a very problematic situation, it needs to occur. But being one of the teams that has moved, obviously that was my dad's era. But I believe in franchise stability. I believe that creating a legacy and having a tradition is what sports is all about in terms of rivalries and creating a generation of fans. The real equity you have is in the fans' love of the game, and that equity is gained through many decades of building a legacy."

Really, can we stop talking about this now? I know the media find rumors of the Colts moving to Los Angeles sexy, but again and again, Irsay has said just the opposite - that he intends to build a Super-Bowl franchise in Indianapolis. The new stadium is on its way (if the Indiana lawmakers can ever get their act together).

Oh, and I'm planning on becoming a season ticket holder. My playoff tickets were Secton 327 (Yellow) seats. Full-season tickets there are $490. I'm thinking that's my range - unless I can find some killer seats in the Red ($550) section.