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Carnival of the Cats 99

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Carnival of the Cats #99 has been posted, and I make my grand appearance. You should go have a look!

Aerosol Can Explodes, Burns at Lambert

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Another reason I'm glad I didn't check any bags for my Thanksgiving visit to Mom and Dad:

An aerosol can inside a piece of luggage exploded in flames Saturday night on a luggage carousel at Lambert Airport.

An airport police officer grabbed a fire extinguisher and put out the small fire on Carousel M1 about 8:15 p.m. No one was injured.

Airport spokeswoman Sandy Singer said the bag was "coming onto the carousel and seemed to be smoking and caught fire."

Here's hoping my flight today is much less eventful.

Nightmare Closed

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A nearly two-month long nightmare has come to a close:

Two St. Charles County chemists who have been living in fear for seven weeks after a former co-worker shot one of them, got word Thursday that their nightmare had ended.

Police told them that a badly decomposed body found in a remote area of Crawford County is believed to be that of Michael William Schreiner, the man who was wanted for a shooting ambush in St. Charles last month. The two chemists had filed complaints against Schreiner, which may have led to his being fired as a chemist from KV Pharmaceuticals.

Yeah, that's the same KV Pharmaceutical Company...

Gee, Do Ya Think?

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What do you know, Missouri is investigating gas price gouging:

Blunt asked Nixon to investigate Tuesday's dramatic increase in gas prices. In Jefferson City, the per-gallon price of gasoline was posted at $2.91 per gallon at some stations today.

Gas prices have gone up by as much as $0.60 in a day. There's NO WAY that supplies have been disrupted that quickly.

I almost think that, in a declared state of emergency, commodities such as energy should have reported - and limited - profits.


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What is this?

Breaking: Explosion in St. Louis

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Right now I'm watching coverage of an explosion at Praxair Distribution in south St. Louis (Jefferson and Chouteau).

Early coverage from the St. Louis Post-Dispatch:

The blaze began around 3 p.m. at Praxair, a gas and tank company at 2210 Chouteau. As of 4 p.m. a policeman at the scene said no injuries had been reported. Explosions had slowed to perhaps one per minute from the frenetic pace of earlier in the afternoon. More than a dozen emergency vehicles were at the scene.

As I write this, Highway 40 is being shut down between the Poplar Street Bridge and Kingshighway - though tonight's Cards game is not expected to be interrupted.

Additional coverage: KSDK News Channel 5 (including photo gallery), KMOV News Channel 4

Chesterfield Boy Finishes Fourth Place in National Spelling Bee

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Chesterfield's Rajiv Tarigopula finished fourth place in the National Spelling Bee, having been done in by the word "odylic":

Rajiv Tarigopula was eliminated from the spelling bee today, misspelling the word "odylic." He had advanced several more rounds earlier, to the final four, by spelling the words "infundibular", "gomphosis", "inion", "arytenoid", "rejoneador", "zouave" and "plumassier", "mucedinaceous" and "tontiner."


Random Link

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I was mentioned by Penguin Envy. To what do I owe this honor?

Operation: Matador

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Lots of news throughout the 'sphere detailing Operation Matador:

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DOD News Briefing Transcript

Words of Wisdom

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Good advice for bloggers from RightWingNews. My personal favorite:

17) Even if you only have 7 people reading, work like you have 7000 readers. Because if you don't work hard when you have almost no readers, you're never going to get to 7000