The Future


Since as early as middle school, I have felt a calling to the mission field. Through an amazing organization, Adventures In Missions, I had the opportunity to participate in missions projects to Canada and Mexio in junior high and high school. Also, with my proclivity toward learning Spanish, I had always felt that God was leading me to one day serve as a missionary in a hispanic country.

However, as God continued to reveal each succesive step for his plan in my life, I found myself led from college to Kalamazoo, MI. I began to re-evaluate my initial feeling. I still felt a calling to missions, but I no longer assumed that God wanted me to do so out of the US. Little did I know, God was placing me where I was, temporarily, for personal and Spiritual growth. Shortly before I left Kalamazoo, God once again returned me to the short-term mission field, this time to Manchester, England. I once again realized that God truly did intend for mission work to be a part of my life.

My move from Michigan to Missouri once again meant a temporary sabbatical from mission work; however, in 2005 God gave me the opportunity to serve in a part of the world to which I had been drawn since my original mission-work experiences in high school: Oaxaca, Mexico. In that summer, I served with a group from Destiny Church. I returned the following summer, in what was a watershed mission-work experience for me: I went back to Oaxaca, not with a team, but by myself.

Marriage and the births of our children have once again meant a temporary sabbatical from mission work. But this time, learning from my past experiences, I recognize it for what it is, and know that, in His time, God will retun me to the mission field - and not just me alone, but me and my family. Even as I enjoy every precious moment in my young marriage and in my young children, still I eagerly await the time when God will allow me to step out once again - this time as a husband and father - into His calling on my life as a missionary.

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