Pi Kappa Alpha

For the establishment...

...of friendship on a firmer and more lasting basis;

Dave Dusick

Brother and freshman roommate, Dave Dusick. Photo by Chip Bennett. © 2001.

For the promotion...

...of brotherly love and kind feeling;

Matt Kiel

Fraternity Big Brother, Matt Kiel. Photo by Chip Bennett. © 2001.

Kasey Kiel

Matt's wife, Kasey. Photo by Chip Bennett. © 2001.

For the mutual benefit...

...and advancement of the interests of those with whom we sympathize and deem worthy of our regard;

We have resolved to form a fraternity,

believing that, thus we can most successfully accomplish our object.

Pike House

Iota Delta Chapter house and grounds. Photo by Rose-Hulman. © 2000.

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