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Theme Review Weekly Stats: 07 Nov 10

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Each week, I publish various statistics to measure the Theme Review process for Themes submitted for inclusion in the Official Theme Repository (any inaccuracies are due to manual counting).

Here's how we've done (improved/disimproved/maintained) over the week ending 06 Nov 2010:

Compared with last week:

  • The # of tickets closed decreased. (90 vs 92)
  • The review queue increased. (72 vs 44)
  • The oldest open ticket age (days) decreased. (11 vs 12)
  • The average time to close tickets (days) increased. (2.6 vs 1.5)
  • The average age of open tickets (days) increased. (4.7 vs 3.0)
  • The % of tickets closed as approved decreased. (24% vs 25%)
  • The # of reviewers maintained. (6 vs 6)

This Week (above/below/at goal):

Closed Tickets:

  • # Tickets Opened: 131
  • # Tickets Closed: 90
    • # Approved: 18
    • # Not-Approved: 57
    • # Newer-Version-Uploaded: 15
  • % Closed Tickets Approved: 24%
  • Average Days to Close: 2.6

Open Tickets:

  • # Tickets Open: 72
  • Oldest: 11 days
  • Average Age: 4.7 days

This Week's Top Reviewers (# Tickets Closed):

  1. chipbennett: 41
  2. cais: 28
  3. [email protected]: 8
  4. pross: 4
  5. tinkerpriest: 2
  6. greenshady: 1

Historical trend charts have been updated.

Twitter Updates for 2010-11-07

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  • Finally getting to watch the #Colts Texans game on DVR. This officiating is terrible. Asinine OPI call on Gonzo prob. cost Colts 4 points. #
  • 1st-half observations of #Colts Texans: DL played great; OL horribly inconsistent. Refs consistent on DB pass def but suck @ everything else #
  • I bet Mike Hart would have liked to get that same PF facemask call that Arian Foster got. Refs are better in second half, but still suck. #
  • And a mockingly pathetic DPI call on Tryon is followed by the world's luckiest fumble recovery. #
  • Give me a freaking break. Gonzo injured when he got hit - and driven to the frigging ground - out of bounds. #NFL officiating is terrible #
  • Wow, Man-Beast Session, playing with a dislocated elbow and broken arm, almost ended the game with a near-INT. #
  • Hey, current Senate Republicans: keep pushing for earmarks in the omnibus bill. It will make it easier to figure out who to primary in 2012. #
  • The #Colts today placed Anthony Gonzalez on IR. Love the guy; wonder if I'll ever see him in a Colts jersey again. ๐Ÿ™ #
  • @18to88 finally got to watch the game this morning. Knowing that the hit put Gonzo on IR, watching that OOB PF not get called is infuriating #
  • @pearsonified petty; childish, even. in reply to pearsonified #
  • @pwilson24 I still love the guy, and hope he recovers and returns. Other fans love to revel in their cynicism; not me. in reply to pwilson24 #

Twitter Updates for 2010-11-06

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Twitter Updates for 2010-11-05

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  • Just completed my 2011 healthcare open enrollment. It was every bit the ObamaCare "screw you" I expected: higher $, no more HSA-covered OTCs #
  • @LovinBlue have it on DVR; will watch soon. What is it with Colts players (Addai/Gonzo/etc) getting injured on fouls that don't get flagged? in reply to LovinBlue #
  • @keder @ContessaBrewer FUD FTW! Every single person in this country has *access* to healthcare. By law, nobody can be denied care. in reply to keder #
  • @wjdennen no, but they likewise didn't go *up* by as much - and the fun has only just begun. HSA changes alone are killer. in reply to wjdennen #
  • @presjpolk what about the at-large primary, general-as-runoff approach? Ensures only top-two vote-getting candidates in general. Good/bad? in reply to presjpolk #
  • @presjpolk I'm probably too late, but I would say WV, PA, NV, and CA are the best candidates. MO might be interesting, too in reply to presjpolk #
  • @presjpolk agreed on principle, but then you get situations like Murkowski, Crist, Chafee, etc. in reply to presjpolk #
  • @keder I especially love the decision to use characters for a pointless ellipsis, rather than spell "know nothing" correctly. in reply to keder #
  • @MarlinStutzman awesome! Congratulations! Would love to see you Primary Dick Lugar in 2012! in reply to MarlinStutzman #
  • @bgardner have a non-iTunes RSS feed link? I wouldn't use iTunes if my life depended on it. in reply to bgardner #
  • @nacin what part of "already sworn in" don't people understand? There are more important things to argue, such as his agenda. in reply to nacin #
  • @nacin the point is, the ship already sailed. He's POTUS, so it's a non-issue, and therefore a distraction from what's important in reply to nacin #
  • @nacin but, these are the people that scream about convening Grand Juries & such nonsense, so as you say it probably isn't an arguable point in reply to nacin #
  • @nacin honestly, I opposed him foremost on policy, even before he was elected. The BC issue is and always was a distraction, valid or not. in reply to nacin #
  • @nacin I never bothered studying the BC issue enough to form my own opinion regarding its validity. Waste of time/energy for me, IMHO in reply to nacin #
  • @LovinBlue @pwilson24 rest day for Mathis, or was it the knee injury from the HOU game? in reply to LovinBlue #
  • @LovinBlue @pwilson24 I would posit that, given Vick's MO, most important will be our LBs, and their ability to maintain gaps and to contain in reply to LovinBlue #
  • "The web is considered 'public domain'" says the copyright infringer: #facepalm (h/t @ewerickson) #
  • @nacin at least Frankfurt is a nice airport! in reply to nacin #
  • Oenology 0.9.2 Released - #

Oenology 0.9.2 Released

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Just a quick note that Version 0.9.2 of the Oenology Theme has been released, and is now live in the Repository.

This version is a minor bugfix update, including the following changes:

  1. Fixed divide-by-zero PHP notice generated on the post attachment page when the image metadata indicates a shutter speed of zero.
  2. Fixed minor CSS image dimension bug
  3. Updated some WordPress template tags to newer versions
  4. Updated the Theme tags

As always, if you notice anything amiss, or find any bugs or issues, please let me know in the Theme Support Forum.