Twitter Updates for 2010-11-29

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  • Pseudo-Bachelor Week Project 1: Bedroom door re-hung; now closes & locks #
  • Pseudo-Bachelor Week Project 2: mount toilet paper holder back into wall #
  • Pseudo-Bachelor Week Project 3: replace broken window blinds #
  • Pseudo-Bachelor Week Project 4: re-hang painting in dining room #
  • Manning is utterly methodical tonight. San Diego will not stop Colts offense if they keep playing like this. Manning TD to Tamme. 7-0 #Colts #
  • @18to88 if only our offensive line would have decided to play more than two series in the first half... in reply to 18to88 #
  • Darnit, I broke my 1/8 drill bit, working on a super-secret project... #
  • The NFL just absolutely sucks. If that pass interference isn't called, then what is the frigging point of having officials? C'mon #Colts #
  • Punting on 4th and 4? Really? I guess Caldwell has given up. Maybe it's time for us to do the same for him. #
  • @thevirtualpeach coming soon 😉 in reply to thevirtualpeach #
  • @Skitzzo that was the point that I stopped watching (it's still on in background). The NFL is no longer a legitimate sport. in reply to Skitzzo #
  • @Skitzzo he still had Peyton Manning, and an outside shot at winning. in reply to Skitzzo #
  • Why punt on 4th and 4, and then send your first-string offense back out on the next possession? That's just asking for injury, Caldwell! #
  • Pseudo-Bachelor Week Super-Secret Project: wall of family pictures #
  • @18to88 @CrizzleColts if you give up by punting on 4th and 4, then sit the starters on the next possession. in reply to 18to88 #
  • @Skitzzo he proved my point, sending the starters back out in a game he's given up on. I've been a staunch Caldwell supporter, but not ATM in reply to Skitzzo #
  • @thevirtualpeach our walls are plaster, and those shelves have hidden mounts. That kicked my butt! in reply to thevirtualpeach #
  • @18to88 how is that something new or newsworthy? in reply to 18to88 #