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  • @powerlineblog awesome analysis. Clearly you guys get it. Love the grassroots enthusiasm on the right but still need to be politically savvy in reply to powerlineblog #
  • @ewerickson does Buckley Rule play no part in your analysis? O'Donnell unelectable statewide in DE. If she wins tom. I pray I'm proven wrong in reply to ewerickson #
  • @pwilson24 that's what I call it, too... perhaps I got it from you? ๐Ÿ™‚ p.s. any word on Bobzilla? in reply to pwilson24 #
  • @pwilson24 Gonzo injured his ankle? ...huh? (And of course, the rumor mill already churning about Sanders being done for season. Meh.) in reply to pwilson24 #
  • @ColtScore if by "just as good or better" you mean "able to stay on the field for 16 games", I agree! Bullitt is a starter on any other team in reply to ColtScore #
  • @JimDeMint & @SarahPalinUSA do you realize that you have both endorsed a candidate who equates conservatism with gender discrimination? #
  • The TEA party movement is a great example of grassroots political activism, but needs to grow up in a hurry, and learn how to vet candidates #
  • @JIDF what information or advice do you need? I'm fairly involved with WordPress Themes.. in reply to JIDF #
  • @zamoose ...and it will come back to haunt us, to be sure. in reply to zamoose #
  • @zamoose I'm more thinking: O'Donnell became a TEA bandwagoner, and nobody bothered to check her credentials. That's foolish and dangerous in reply to zamoose #
  • @zamoose in 2004, she sued ISI for sexual discrimination - which she blamed on (wait for it...) ISI's "conservative beliefs". in reply to zamoose #
  • @LovinBlue someone going on IR isn't going to be on the practice field, period. Take it as a positive sign. in reply to LovinBlue #
  • Yesterday's #Colts loss wasn't fun, but watching MNF I'm reminded how thankful I am not to be a Jets or Ravens fan. Ugly, sloppy game so far #
  • @williamsba dude, I'll see your Raiders fandom, and raise you my wife being a Bengals fan. in reply to williamsba #
  • Neither the Jets nor the Ravens are both playing terribly but the refs are absolutely giving the game to the Ravens. These PI calls are crap #
  • I've lost much respect for @marklevinshow over his treatment of @powerlineblog, the judgement of the latter of whom I trust far more. #
  • All 3 Chargers who touched that punt were in the end zone, and the idiot refs called the punt down at the 1-yd line? #NFL officiating sucks #

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  • @jeffr0 will sound crazy, but try taking Magnesium - get a powdered/chelated type, like Magnesium Citrate. I use this: in reply to jeffr0 #
  • @mattwiebe I'm an amateur, not a professional. in reply to mattwiebe #
  • @mattwiebe some things in the guidelines are required, some are recommended, and some are optional. in reply to mattwiebe #
  • @mattwiebe what's most important, especially due to tight integration w/WP core, is user experience moreso than dev experience (1/2) in reply to mattwiebe #
  • @mattwiebe (2/2) thus, whether amateur or professional, Themes in repo need to be high quality, to ensure consistent user experience in reply to mattwiebe #
  • @ryancduff @_mfields and "extension" refers both to Plugins AND to Themes! in reply to ryancduff #
  • Hey Caldwell: I've now seen Garcon and Wayne both drop passes that Gonzo would have caught. Go #Colts #
  • @18to88 Garcon and Wayne have now both dropped passes that Gonzo would have caught. Blocking is terrible on left side of line. Slow start. in reply to 18to88 #
  • What a &$%&^%#y593&#(y RIDICULOUS pass interference call. That was clean. NFL, your officiating SUCKS. Go #Colts #
  • FREENEY IS THE FRIGGING MAN!! (Hey NFL: where was the hold call there? Why does Freeney have to fight a hold on every freaking play?) #Colts #
  • There you go, Wayne! That's how you catch a pass! Go #Colts #
  • I hope #Texans DB Barwin is okay. That looked nasty. #
  • @18to88 you're not expecting good camera angles, are you? The TV crews are as bad as the officiating, so far. in reply to 18to88 #
  • @18to88 totally could have downed that. Blown play, eh? in reply to 18to88 #
  • Bob Sanders has an elbow injury. Return questionable. Please don't let this be a pre-cursor. #Colts #
  • Garcon just ran himself OUT of a first-down catch. But Addai saved his rear end picking up the first on the next play. Go #Colts #
  • Addai just turned a loss into a four yard gain, shedding two tacklers. Go #Colts #
  • Garcon with yet *another* drop. Someone remind me why Gonzo is #4 on the depth chart? Go #Colts #
  • Melvin Bullitt with a HUGE HUGE HUGE interception!!!! Go #Colts #
  • Freeney and Mathis are looking great so far today. Getting good pressure on Shaub. Go #Colts #
  • @18to88 not tackling so well, are we? How many yards-after-contact is Foster getting? in reply to 18to88 #
  • And once again: Freeney and Mathis save a drive! Newcomer CB Tryon with a great PD, too. Go #Colts #
  • @18to88 credit Mathis, too... but very nice PD on the end of that play by Tryon. in reply to 18to88 #
  • The #Colts defense just completely gave up on that drive. Hang that one on Caldwell. Time for some #Colts at-Houston magic. #
  • Don Brown has dropped 2 out of 2 passes on this drive, and can't pass-block. Does anyone still think he's Addai's heir-apparent? Go #Colts #
  • Dallas D-Money Clark! Colts TD! Go #Colts #
  • @18to88 we had linebackers today? All I saw were DEs, Safeties, and the occasional CB. in reply to 18to88 #
  • @18to88 "gutless" certainly applies to the play of our defense in the second half. That was tough to watch, but will be corrected. in reply to 18to88 #
  • @pwilson24 good recap. Look forward to the redux. Thx for the anonymous mention (re: WR drops). Did I complain too much re: trolls in chat? in reply to pwilson24 #
  • @Skitzzo nah, he was fine running that back. He just needed to protect the rock. Linemen can't one-arm the football. in reply to Skitzzo #
  • @wptavern will this work: by @dd32 in reply to wptavern #
  • @Skitzzo he should have held onto the ball in front of himself, with two hands. No way to tomahawk chop that. (Can't run as fast, though) in reply to Skitzzo #
  • @wptavern easier than the alternative, though, eh? in reply to wptavern #
  • @18to88 no, actually; I'm screwed. Yahoo AutoDraft made Kolb my FF team's starting QB. in reply to 18to88 #
  • The #NFL officiating just plain sucks. Called a late hit PF for a hit on a player who WASN'T EVEN DOWN yet? Pathetic, NFL. #
  • Dear #NFL that wrap-arm-around-body offensive holding call the Redskins just drew while sacking Romo? Happens to Freeney #
  • @pwilson24 watching DAL-WAS. Don't you wish Freeney could draw two of those arm-around-the-neck offensive holding calls in one game? #
  • @Skitzzo Dwight Freeney gets held like that every freaking play, with no call. The Redskins pick up TWO in one game... in reply to Skitzzo #
  • @Skitzzo I long-ago dubbed that arm-around-the-neck hold the "Freeney Hold" in reply to Skitzzo #

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  • Awesome! per @photomatt, #WordPress trademark officially transferred from Automattic to WPF. Draft Trademark policy: #
  • Why does the entire Minnesota defensive secondary look like clones of Tim Jennings? Do any of them know how to cover? #
  • @LisaSabinWilson you and me, both! (And I'm just biding time until the #Colts open up at Houston Sunday.) in reply to LisaSabinWilson #
  • @janeforshort give it time. It was kind of a quiet announcement. (And I agree that it's a seriously big deal!) in reply to janeforshort #
  • @DJMode5 thanks for the follow, brother! Look forward to checking out your work. #
  • Oh my goodness; the Saints just got a HUGE home-job call on that replay. *Clearly* a reception. Hands were underneath the ball all the way. #
  • @Skitzzo I don't think Favre is masking much of anything tonight - most especially, his age. Man, he looks - & is playing - ancient tonight. in reply to Skitzzo #
  • @bgardner and it has played out like a 9-7 game. Shouldn't have stayed up to watch it... in reply to bgardner #

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  • Happy Anniversary to my parents! More importantly: Happy Anniversary to my wonderful, amazing, beautiful wife! I love you, baby! #
  • @andreasnrb @nathanrice as if mere beheading (and other mass slaughter) is somehow better, just because fire isn't involved? in reply to andreasnrb #
  • Whoa! Colts waive-injured OT Tony Ugoh. I hope that means Charlie Johnson is ready to go this Sunday! ht @18to88 #