Twitter Updates for 2010-09-10

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  • Awesome! per @photomatt, #WordPress trademark officially transferred from Automattic to WPF. Draft Trademark policy: #
  • Why does the entire Minnesota defensive secondary look like clones of Tim Jennings? Do any of them know how to cover? #
  • @LisaSabinWilson you and me, both! (And I'm just biding time until the #Colts open up at Houston Sunday.) in reply to LisaSabinWilson #
  • @janeforshort give it time. It was kind of a quiet announcement. (And I agree that it's a seriously big deal!) in reply to janeforshort #
  • @DJMode5 thanks for the follow, brother! Look forward to checking out your work. #
  • Oh my goodness; the Saints just got a HUGE home-job call on that replay. *Clearly* a reception. Hands were underneath the ball all the way. #
  • @Skitzzo I don't think Favre is masking much of anything tonight - most especially, his age. Man, he looks - & is playing - ancient tonight. in reply to Skitzzo #
  • @bgardner and it has played out like a 9-7 game. Shouldn't have stayed up to watch it... in reply to bgardner #