Twitter Updates for 2010-08-29

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  • @DanStlMo @dododoggie Per RedState, all edits were approved by Google mods. But, just checked this morning, and it appears to be fixed now. in reply to DanStlMo #
  • @18to88 did you notice on last snap, the ref went to the *defensive* side of the ball, that even let Romo hope to try to get that snap off? in reply to 18to88 #
  • Hey #nfl why did ref spot the ball & go to def. side on final snap of half? Don't #Cowboys have to deal w/asinine illegal snap rule too? #
  • @18to88 Romo tried to get off a spike snap for last-sec FG. Ref spotted ball, and moved to def. side. (Romo didn't get snap in time anyway) in reply to 18to88 #
  • @LovinBlue so, ref safety doesn't matter in last 2 minutes of half. Good to know #nfl priorities. 😉 this rule just gets stupider & stupider in reply to LovinBlue #
  • @18to88 even more asinine. I'm ready to say: put pads/helmets on the refs, and call it a day. in reply to 18to88 #
  • @18to88 p.s. this Foster kid is looking pretty darn good at RB for Houston. Colts LBs better be ready to tackle. in reply to 18to88 #
  • @bgardner does Codex documentation count? in reply to bgardner #
  • @bgardner but I'm about to go do a Theme review, and then if I have time, back to tweaking my own Theme. in reply to bgardner #
  • Another #WordPress Theme review completed. We've taken a lot of flack for the new Review Guidelines, but already code quality is improving! #