Twitter Updates for 2010-08-17

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  • @Otto42 @mark_r I tried to resubmit the plugin but got this error: "That name already exists. Please choose another name." in reply to Otto42 #
  • @Otto42 @mark_r this is the plugin: cbnet Really Simple CAPTCHA Comments. Ideas? Might it have gotten disapproved/declined for some reason? in reply to Otto42 #
  • @Otto42 @mark_r nevermind. I just tried SVN again, and it seems I have access to cbnet-really-simple-captcha-comments. Attempting to commit. in reply to Otto42 #
  • @carlhancock Oaxaca is beautiful. Check out Huatulco for a lesser-known resort area. See Puerto Escondido for an unknown paradise. in reply to carlhancock #
  • @carlhancock and of course, that's just coastal Oaxaca. There are the mountains, and the historical/archeological treasures of Oaxaca (city) in reply to carlhancock #
  • @markjaquith can I Make Plugins shortcode [imp_name] pull the plugin name from the plugin readme, rather than the WP page name? #
  • @Otto42 seems that way. I've never had that happen before, but oh well. It's working now! in reply to Otto42 #
  • @nathanrice you just now found out about this? We voted on it two weeks ago tomorrow. ๐Ÿ˜‰ in reply to nathanrice #
  • Eli Manning just got drilled, defenseless, from behind, after he had already lost the ball. How is that NOT a penalty, ejection, and a fine? #
  • @bradleypotter they're great! I think I'm going to incorporate them into my upcoming Theme. (Solves the famfam silk icon CC license issue) in reply to bradleypotter #
  • @wpmuguru @nacin none of the establishments pictured had anything to do with killing 3,000 Americans in the name of the establishment. in reply to wpmuguru #
  • @flashingcursor if you go past Kalamazoo, wave for me. I haven't been back up there in far too long. in reply to flashingcursor #
  • @GrantGriffiths but a salad makes a great foundation for a pile of meat! in reply to GrantGriffiths #
  • Jim Sorgi finally throws a touchdown! (He just happens to be backing up a different Manning now.) #
  • @powerlineblog why are Governator & CA AG not appellants for Walker's decision striking a CA constitutional amendment? Isn't it their duty? in reply to powerlineblog #