Twitter Updates for 2010-08-06

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  • @themelab great list! p.s. @nettuts - the Theme Unit Test data WXR file has been updated (significantly). See for the most recent rev in reply to themelab #
  • @OneFineJay Such crowd-sourcing is inherently flawed. Need I scour Alternet for a similar excoriation of the libs who use the same tactics? in reply to OneFineJay #
  • @nacin Lindsey Graham is a fool. Please don't hang that moron on the whole party. Jus soli is morally right. Anti-14th will have no legs. in reply to nacin #
  • @nacin I think it's pandering, because he knows he's in trouble. But he's clearly misunderstanding the issue. in reply to nacin #
  • @nacin and that's the truth. There are many in the establishment that aren't happy that we (the little people) are trying to clean house in reply to nacin #
  • @nacin McConnell, Sessions, Kyl, and McCain are mentioned as a "thumbs up" for the idea. RINOs all. Will be happy to see them go. in reply to nacin #
  • Middle Class America: Senate Democrats just voted to raise your taxes: (and Missouri noticed *your* vote, @ClaireCMC) #
  • Hey Dick Lugar and Lindsey Graham: do us all a favor and switch parties. It will save us all time and money in your next Senate primary. #