Winter Storm – Water Main Break

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How's everyone dealing with the little winter storm that is coming through the midwest? We're expected to see a total of 6-8 inches of snow.

Oh, and we have no water.

We apparently had a water main break here at the apartment complex. I called the emergency maintenance number about an hour and a half ago to report a sharp decrease in water pressure. I was told that I would get a call back from maintenance, but never did. So, I just called back, and was told about the water main break, and that it would take maintenance 8-10 hours to fix.

Good thing we keep plenty of water in the apartment. Of course, I really don't appreciate not getting a call-back on the issue, considering the winter storm we're undergoing.

UPDATE: Our water has been restored.

Representative Julia Carson (D-IN) Dies

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The Indianapolis Star is reporting that Democrat Julia Carson, US Representative for the Indianapolis area, has died, mere weeks after announcing that she would not seek re-election due to her failing health, including apparently terminal lung cancer. Rep. Carson was 69.

While I believe that the people of Indianapolis would be better-served by a representative less staunchly liberal, I would never have wished ill will or ill health on Rep. Carson. May she rest in peace, and may God be with her family in this time of loss.