My First Hate Mail!

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This evening my humble blog reached an important milestone: a received my very first hate mail.

Using the pseudonym "Elroy Spankster", someone undoubtedly from the Party of Tolerance sent the following [expletives edited]:

For the love of God give it a rest. If he/she wanted you two to be married it would have already happened. Claire McCaskill rocks and your hero Georgy W. sucks Hillary [male reproductive appendage]. [perform fellatio on] that you disgraceful republican [male homosexual].

(I guess I struck a nerve of some sort with ol' Elroy...)

Apparently, "Elroy Spankster" wanted this missive to remain anonymous, as the email address given was an obvious fake; however, a simple google search reveals his true email address to be [email protected] (and, for the curious, he is a technician from St. Louis, and his Yahoo ID is spankinelroy).

I particularly like the "girls rule, boys drool" argumentation method in the Claire McCaskill/George W. Bush reference. And while I'm sure that, to those of his liberal persuasion, "republican" and "disgraceful" are redundant, Elroy should know that using a slang term for a homosexual male in a disparaging manner (in this case, associated with either "disgraceful" or "republican" - my apologies, Log Cabin Republicans) is considered "intolerant", and unacceptable.

Overall, as far as hate mail goes, this one is not a particularly good example. It is neither intelligent nor creative, although it does include the obligatory ad hominem and hypocrisy. Maybe it's the best "Elroy" has to offer, but I consider it a sub-par performance. Better luck next time!


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One Response to “My First Hate Mail!”
  1. Mel says:

    Sometimes one’s ignorance can be so obvious!