Our New Home

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I am extremely happy and relieved to announce that we now have our own home! Due to everything going on, we decided to put off buying a house a while longer so that we could concentrate on preparing for the baby in the spring. So, I found a 2BD/2BA apartment less than 10 miles from the office, at Hazelwood Forest. Not only will my commute to work go from about 45 minutes down to about 10, but trips to Indy and Cincy will be much easier as well, since we can just cross the I-270 Chain of Rocks bridge, rather than deal with downtown traffic and the Poplar Street Bridge.

Here is a layout of what should be a very decently-sized home for us, our two cats, and our soon-to-arrive baby:


2 bedroom, 2 bath, 970 sq. ft.
Image by Hazelwood Forest Apartments

We moved into our new home Saturday, November 18th. Our extreme gratitude goes out to my parents, who not only brought us a washer, dryer, kitchen table and chairs, and lots of decoration; but also spent two days helping us get moved. Trekking all of our (mostly, my) stuff up to the third floor certainly wasn't easy; but it would have been impossible without my dad's help.

Now, we're trying to get everything unpacked, in place, and organized - a job that will likely go on for several weeks. Most importantly, though, I have the living room and kitchen mostly done, and have the DSL connection set up. After more than three years of broadcast-only television, I decided to get a basic cable package, so Stephanie would have more options. (I must admit, I'm already hooked on Top Chef.)


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  1. The Sister says:

    Remember? I told you that you’d love Top Chef……LOL!!!