Our First Christmas Tree!

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Stephanie and I are celebrating our first Christmas together, and our new home now has its first Christmas tree:

Christmas Tree 006

Our First Christmas Tree
Photo © Chip Bennett, all rights reserved.
Christmas 2006 photo set
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The tree is a 6-foot, Randolph Pine. It is perfect for our apartment, since it is only 35 inches wide at the base. With two strands of white lights, this set of shatterproof (and hopefully, cat-proof), silver ornaments, along with several ornaments from my grandmother, as well as our family's traditional, annual Christmas ornaments, our tree is rather well-trimmed for our first Christmas.

The first ornaments we put on the tree were these three.

Christmas Tree 008

Traditional annual Christmas ornaments for our first Christmas together.
Photo © Chip Bennett, all rights reserved.

My family has had a tradition for several years now, in which each year at Thanksgiving, every family member gets a gift of a Christmas tree ornament. This year, Stephanie and I each got one individually, as well as a third, commemorating our first Christmas together as a couple. (I still need to find a good picture to put into the "2006 Christmas Together" ornament - maybe a picture of us to be taken on Christmas day?) This year's ornaments are especially memorable, since Stephanie's celebrates the expected coming of our new arrival in the spring: hers is a "Mommy To Be" ornament. (I must admit: I'm jealous. I would have loved a "Dad To Be" ornament, but apparently, they haven't been popular since 1990 or so. I'll probably blog more about that, later.)