Thirteen Weeks

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As of today, we are at thirteen weeks; we are now into the second trimester!

The nausea of the first trimester seems mostly to have passed, though it still returns on occasion - possibly due to the prenatal vitamins. Not too many esoteric food cravings so far, either. Though, I did have the pleasure last night of making a grocery-store run at 9:30 in search of a cream cheese danish - thankfully, Entenmann's makes something that fits the bill, that I was able to find.

Please tell Steph how great she continues to look:

Colleen's Wedding 007

Steph and I at Colleen's wedding two weeks ago.
Photo © Chip Bennett, all rights reserved.

Now, we begin looking forward to our first ultrasound and finding out the gender of our baby - though, Steph is convinced we're having a L'il Chip!


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2 Responses to “Thirteen Weeks”
  1. Aunt Ju Ju says:

    Stephanie, you continue to look great!

  2. Congrats on the baby! I swore that my first was a boy too. I was wrong. Come to think of it, I thought my second was a boy too. I was wrong again. I was positive my third was a girl…Nope a boy! I was also convinced my fourth was a boy. You guessed it…a girl. I am 0 for 4. I think you are having a girl, which means it is probably a boy! 😉

    God Bless!