News From The Home State

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The Good:
Purdue University Basketball Coaching Legend Gene Keady is one of 16 finalists for the 2006 Basketball Hall of Fame ballot.

The Bad:
The death of James Dungy, son of Indianapolis Colts head coach Tony Dungy, was ruled a suicide, according to the medical examiner's final autopsy report.

The Ugly:
A storm that ripped off the roof from Union Christian Church and damaged Hulman Airfield in Terre Haute was determined to be a tornado according to the National Weather Service.

A weather service crew visited southwestern Indiana today, the morning after a cold front spawned thunderstorms and then dumped temperatures from the springlike to the frigid. The crew concluded an F1 tornado with winds of about 100 mph caused the damage.

The funnel cloud, which was nearly 100 yards wide, stayed on the ground for about two miles on Terre Haute’s east side, ripping through the church and the airport, the weather service said.