One Year Bible Bloggers

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Thanks to the From Knowledge To Wisdom blog, who has collected a list of One Year Bible Bloggers. I've been thinking about adding an OYB blogroll. This list will help motivate me to do so!


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3 Responses to “One Year Bible Bloggers”
  1. Andrew B says:

    Hi Chip,

    I have updated my post:
    – fixed the typo in your name.
    – I extracted the list from my feed reader, your blog seems to be the only one which does not have a RSS feed. Is that so? Anyway, that’s now my typo crept in.
    – I have added Jayne (Daisy’s Journey at )


  2. cb says:

    Hi Andrew!

    Thanks for the update. RSS feeds for should be available – see the left column, directly below the search field.



  3. Andrew B says:

    Got it working now. So many types to choose from confused my reader, I think!