Nightmare Closed

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A nearly two-month long nightmare has come to a close:

Two St. Charles County chemists who have been living in fear for seven weeks after a former co-worker shot one of them, got word Thursday that their nightmare had ended.

Police told them that a badly decomposed body found in a remote area of Crawford County is believed to be that of Michael William Schreiner, the man who was wanted for a shooting ambush in St. Charles last month. The two chemists had filed complaints against Schreiner, which may have led to his being fired as a chemist from KV Pharmaceuticals.

Yeah, that's the same KV Pharmaceutical Company...


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2 Responses to “Nightmare Closed”
  1. mark says:

    yikes… reminds me of some upton sinclair novel.

    hope to see ya at homecoming!!!!

  2. cb says:

    You know I wouldn’t miss Homecoming unless something really important comes up… well, it looks like that something really important is coming up… I’m planning to be there, but it’s looking like I’ll be in the hospital this weekend…