Hostage Crisis in the ‘Ville

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Lots of excitement in the hometown this week:

After a standoff lasting nearly 20 hours, a hostage situation was brought to a sudden conclusion at Bigfoot Food Store, 2905 E. State Road 44...

The lengthy episode began at 10:30 a.m. Wednesday when [Dennis ] McAninch became involved in a high-speed chase with police officers that began in Batesville.

McAninch crashed his car at the intersection of Interstate 74 and State Road 44, fired shots at officers who were pursuing him, then entered the Bigfoot Food Store and gas station and took the hostage.

Can't tell you how many times I got gas and drinks at that Bigfoot growing up. (And I've always thought of that rock out front as somewhat of a landmark; it's rather an oddity - and potentially saved a teenager's life that morning.)

Some follow-up on the story: the hostage-taker's death is being ruled a suicide, and the hostage talks about her ordeal.

Indy Star coverage here, here, here, here, here, here, and here

Chesterfield Boy Finishes Fourth Place in National Spelling Bee

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Chesterfield's Rajiv Tarigopula finished fourth place in the National Spelling Bee, having been done in by the word "odylic":

Rajiv Tarigopula was eliminated from the spelling bee today, misspelling the word "odylic." He had advanced several more rounds earlier, to the final four, by spelling the words "infundibular", "gomphosis", "inion", "arytenoid", "rejoneador", "zouave" and "plumassier", "mucedinaceous" and "tontiner."


W Does St. Louis

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President George W. Bush is in St. Louis this evening, helping raise funds for Senator Jim Talent.

Talent ’06

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On the way to turning the seat into a red-lock: Talent is building a war chest and the Dems are struggling to find a worthy contender:

President Bush will headline a St. Louis dinner that is expected to raise more than $1 million for Sen. Jim Talent's re-election bid next year...

Talent, R-Mo., has already raised more than $1.3 million this year, with slightly more than that in the bank, according to campaign finance reports. Thursday's $2,000-a-plate fund-raiser would be Talent's largest single haul since the 2002 race, when he ousted incumbent Democratic Sen. Jean Carnahan...

Democrats hoping to turn back the tide have struggled to find a prominent candidate to take on Talent in 2006. National Democratic leaders have spent months courting State Auditor Claire McCaskill, who narrowly lost the governor's race to Republican Matt Blunt last year, but she has been reluctant so far to enter the fray.

Talent is popular, solidly conservative, and making a good name for himself. He's easily raising money while the Democrats scrape the barrel for someone to run against him. Off to a good start...

(Hat Tip: John Combest)

I Love Ann

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Ann Coulter nails the idiocy of the Seven Nitwits:

The deal they struck, this masterful Peace of Westphalia, simply put into writing the rule that the minority party controls the Senate — which will remain the rule until the Democrats aren't the minority party anymore.

If the Democrats had a 10-vote majority, you can be sure they wouldn't cow-tow to the Republicans under the guise of "minority rights", "Senate tradition of deliberation", and "fundamental checks and balance". They would ram through their Liberal agenda - hard.

Kinda like what the American people want the Republicans to do with a Conservative agenda, as Ann points out:

But even so, didn't we win the last election? Why, yes, we did! And didn't we win a majority in the Senate? Yes, we did! To be precise, Republicans have won a majority of Senate seats the past six consecutive elections. (And the last six consecutive elections in the House of Representatives, too!)

I think that means Republicans should win. Republican senators support Bush's nominees and Democratic senators oppose them. The way disagreements like this are ordinarily sorted out in a democracy is that a vote is taken among our elected representatives, and majority vote wins.

If the Senate Republicans can't get it done, I have a two-word suggestion: Recess Appointments.