Classic Rottie Fisking

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Darth Misha at The Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler brings us a classic Rottie fisking of more liberal clap-trap:

You better believe it. Every morning when we wake up in the Imperial Palace, we jump out of bed and set off to smother anything remotely resembling a sense of social well-being, whatever the Hades that might be.

Then, after a half a gallon of coffee and a dozen cigarettes, we're off to a hard day's work of shoving grannies in wheelchairs down stairs (having made sure to steal their Social Security checks first, of course), kicking puppies and writing long and indignant letters to PBS, demanding that they immediately send the entire cast of Sesame Street to Gitmo on charges of subversive activities.

And that's just before lunch.

The afternoons are typically spent converting everybody in sight to Christianity at gunpoint by uttering deadly phrases such as "G-d Bless You" at unsuspecting secularists.

Read the whole thing; he holds no punches deconstructing this liberal waste.