REVIEW: South Park Conservatives: The Revolt Against Media Bias

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The 165-page South Park Conservatives, as pointed out in's review, serves as a primer of the nascent weakening of the Liberals' oligarchical stranglehold over the dissemination of, totalitarin control over conversation and debate about, and single-mindedly biased news-reporting of political, cultural, and social issues. The book discusses the Conservative revolution Talk Radio, Cable News and programming, Internet News and Punditry, the Blogosphere, the book-publishing industry, and in academia.

The book is very well-written, informative, and makes for enjoyable reading, but it has one short-coming: the vast majority of the book concerns the outlets of this Conservative revolution, rather than the people driving that revolution. The phenomenon of the revolution itself has been well-documented, from the City Journal article "We're Not Losing The Culture Wars Anymore" from which South Park Conservatives was born, to Hugh Hewitt's Blog, which covers most of the same information, but with a focus on how savvy blog-entrepreneurs should take advantage of the phenomenon. South Park Conservatives could have filled an interesting niche had it focused more on its namesake and less on their means of expression.

The book hints at - but doesn't delve into - this younger generation of Conservatives as the grassroots support base and incubator for future Conservative leaders. Clearly, the most interesting and insightful chapter in the book, Chapter 8: Campus Conservatives Rising, should have been made the focus of the book (as the title seemingly implies) - along with those with whom they are finding a common voice in the New Media and Academia.

Missed opportunity notwithstanding, I highly recommend this book for anyone who wants an interesting explanation and discussion of the revolt against "illiberal liberalism" and the people who are driving it.