Kingdom of Heaven

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I've heard the radio ads for tomorrow's release Kingdom of Heaven, and wondered if it would be worth seeing. Apparently, the answer is no:

This is not the sort of movie that is going to draw large crowds of conservative Christians. Scott is relentless in his humanistic, anti-religious message, so much so that my friend remarked that it felt like anti-religious "digs" spliced between action sequences (and very violent action sequences, at that--not for the faint of heart). If the message doesn't keep conservative Christians away, the uncaptivating plot and dialogue will. The costumes and sets are lavish, but are not enough to redeem "Kingdom of Heaven."

(Hat Tip: Stones Cry Out)


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  1. Tom says:

    THis is soo funny.. they actually did justice to the depiction of Christian Crusaders. Christians did more than just fight off the invading muslims.. they invaded by false pretenses of french bishops/slaughtered foreign christians/muslims/jews till blood flowed in the streets of Jerusalem. Would you like that depicted in the movie? That would have been more accurate and maybe you christians would finally be “satisfied” by the “fair” representation of your faith. I dont even want to go mention other potential Christian historical movies: european conquest of america, manifest destiny; destruction of the brown savages, conquest and slavery of the Philippines. Know your history and know that its not just muslims who were terrorists.