Koran Scholar: US Will Cease to Exist in 2007

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This Jerusalem Post article reports on the Koran's purported prediction of the Great Satan's impending doom:

A thorough analysis of the Koran reveals that the US will cease to exist in the year 2007, according to research published by Palestinian scholar Ziad Silwadi.

The study, which has caught the attention of millions of Muslims worldwide, is based on in-depth interpretations of various verses in the Koran. It predicts that the US will be hit by a tsunami larger than that which recently struck southeast Asia.

Basically, a crackpot Koran "scholar" uses some especially laughable numerology (remember Bill Gates is Satan?) to come to the conclusion that the US is term-limited to 231 years. Oh, yes, and the US is a parallel of Pharaoh:

Drawing parallels between Pharaoh and the US, who share the same "sin" of arrogance and excessive pride, Silwadi noted that the Koran mentions at least 12 times the fact that Pharaoh was punished by drowning for his evil deeds.

So, naturally, we all have a bi-coastal tsunami to look forward in 2 short years.

Of course, if the Koran hadn't been written from the hallucenogenic rantings of a murderous, raving lunatic, I might be worried. (Hat Tip: Horsefeathers)