Part II – Chiropractor Visit

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I just got back from my second chiro visit. Dr. Peristeridis, my chiropractor, is really good. He did some more "adjustments" to my neck and back (by the way, the sound you hear when "cracking" your neck or back is not that of bones crunching; rather, it is the sound of gases escaping from joints as the pressure is released). After that, we looked at my x-rays. Generally, they look pretty good (the straight-on x-ray will need to be re-shot Friday, as the assistant who developed the first one screwed it up). I have retained some/most of the natural curveature in my neck, which means my rehab/therapy should be quite successful. He also pointed out what he assumed to be calcification around my thyroid gland. While my normal body temperature has always been 97.6 for as long as I can remember, I have never been diagnosed with thyroid problems (although, I do have family history of them). He wants to investigate it further.

Tomorrow should be pretty busy - we are having the farewell lunch for our office manager, who has accepted a position with Pharmacia; after work, I am going to play tennis with one of my co-workers; then after that, I have my first Kalamazoo GOP executive committee meeting to attend.

Also, I just found out, the Kalamazoo Blues Festival starts tomorrow. I think I might see about getting out to see some of it Friday night, or maybe Saturday, after Erica gets here. She is coming in some time Saturday, and is staying through the company picnic Sunday.

My apartment is steadily getting closer to being cleaned. I work on it a little bit each night. I got all the trash taken out, and the kitchen fully cleaned, which took care of any bad smells that might have been lingering. The living room is also cleaned, since I had to have it ready for the delivery of my new sofa. Really, that just leaves the dining "room" (try, nook), my bedroom (which also is mostly cleaned, since I did some rearranging with the new computer and desk), and the bathroom (which is not too bad, since I cleaned it partially the last time Erica was up here).