Chiropractor Visit

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MY appointment with the Chiropractor went well. As I suspected, I have some neck/shoulder problems, due to ergonomically incorrect positioning while at work. The doc made some "adjustments", explained to me what the problem was, took some x-rays, and scheduled me for eight follow-up visits - two this week, and two for each of the next three weeks. I will be taking a look at the x-rays when I go back in today. What he told me about chiropractic problems explained a lot - including the pains in my neck and shoulders, and possibly, also the pain in my left hand, which I had forgotten to mention.

I still do not know if I will be returning to Indy. As of this morning, Lilly still had not accepted or rejected Rick's proposal for me to return. He expects that they will, since this project really needs to get done. Because of my chiropractor visits, I will only be able to be down there two days a week, until the first of August.

I have spent the past two nights watching two new DVDs I bought - "Fast Times at Ridgemont High" and "Dazed and Confused". I had never seen either, and felt like expanding my movie-viewing horizons. I can see why Fast Times was, and remains, quite popular (and really enjoyed the early performances of what have become quite-successful actors); however, aside from the incredible soundtrack, nothing much stood out for me with Dazed and Confused.