The Beach, Take Two

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So, after I got home from work Tuesday, I ate a quick dinner, called Erica, called my aunt and uncle, and then planned to get ready to head to South Haven. Well, for some reason, I started feeling really tired, so I thought I would rest for a couple minutes before leaving; BIG mistake: the next thing I know, I'm waking up, everything is dark, I look at the clock, and it's one in the morning. So, by the time I got up the next morning, I had gotten lots of sleep, which was good, but I missed the beach, and the fireworks, and hanging out with everyone, which was bad.

So, my plans for yesterday were to put my bookshelf together, to clean the apartment some more, to do some laundry, and to get a sofa. First, I got the bookshelf done, and put in place. Then, I got my living room rearranged for the future sofa. Then, while I was eating lunch, Andi IM'd me, asking me if I wanted to go with the group to Holland, for more beach fun. Especially since I missed the night before, I thought it would be a great idea to go. So, I showered and headed out to buy my sofa. I decided to go to La-Z-Boy, since I already had two of their recliners. I ended up getting a gorgeous, garnet-colored, really cushy eleven-hundred dollar sofa for just about half-price. It will be delivered some time Friday.

I then went back home, changed for the beach, and headed up to TGI Friday's to meet everyone. I took Andy, and followed Jason and Carl, since I had no idea where I was going. Brett, Andi, and the rest of the group would be following us up after a stop at the grocery store.

Incidentally, I found out that two of our group from church have had car accidents in the past week - both Carl and Alexis; Carl totaled his truck, and I have yet to find out how bad Alexis damaged her car.

The drive up to Holland - about an hour to get to Holland, and another fifteen minutes to get to the State Park where the beach is - was pretty nice; yesterday was perfect for going to the beach - sunny and hot. We got to the beach around five, walked out to the pier, and then back to our "site" where we had all the drinks and food. Jason, Carl and I played football for what must have been almost two hours - which, in the sand, was some really good exercise. After that, we got something to drink, and then went back out to the pier. We jumped in to get cleaned off; the water was probably between fifty and sixty degrees, which I assume is pretty normal for Lake Michigan this time of year. I thought it felt really good, but the other guys thought it was too cold.

By that time, it was almost eight, and I needed to be heading back, so I could get to bed on time. We walked down to the volleyball courts, so I could let Andy know I was leaving. He wanted to stay, and Brett had room for him on the way back, so he grabbed is stuff out of my car, and I headed out, not really knowing how to get back home. I got directions back to M40, which got me back to M89, and from there I knew where I was. I left around twenty after eight, and was home by nine-thirty, so, really, I made good time.

I grabbed something to eat, and deciding that two hours running around in the sand was exercise enough for the day, decided not to hit the exercise bike. I went to bed right around ten, and when my alarm went off this morning, I was really tired, so I decided that I would get my exercise bike time in during lunch, and slept for almost another hour and a half, then got up, showered, and headed in to work.