Getting it Together, Finally

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After work yesterday, I started planning the big meal I wanted to cook for Erica's birthday today. I decided that I really would not have enough time to cook what I wanted to, and still be able to make it to South Haven to see the fireworks over Lake Michigan. So, I thought that I would just take her to a nice restaurant in South Haven, and cook for her tomorrow. I went to the grocery store and got some New York strips for dinner, plus some chicken breasts and burgers for lunches this week. I grilled the burgers and chicken, and then made the steak - crusted with freshly ground coffee and peppercorns.

After dinner, I called Erica, since she had called me Sunday night while I was at church. She told me that some of her family had planned a birthday party for her tonight, so now I won't get to see her at all, until this weekend, when we go to Scott&0039;s wedding. Needless to say, I was disappointed; but, I guess that's life.

One of the guys from church had invited me to go see the fireworks anyway, and since I won't get to see Erica tonight, I called him to let him know that I could go with him now. Since his group is leaving here around 4 or so, I will have to meet them. The drive takes about an hour with traffic, so I'm going to meet them around 7 o'clock.

Even though today is Erica's 21st birthday, as well as our eight-month anniversary, I can't really complain that I'm not getting to see her. I will see her this weekend when we go to Scott's wedding, and then to Town and country - my home church - Sunday. Then, I'll see her the next weekend, when we go to my company's summer outing (a picnic), and then I will see her the weekend after that, when we go to Chicago for the Chicago Pro summer picnic at Six Flags.

I tried to give my aunt and uncle in Shelbyville a call, since I will be in town Sunday. I always try to get together with them when I'm in town. They were not home, and I talked to my cousin. They weren't back by the time I went to bed, so I will call them back this afternoon, or tomorrow.

Since I'm getting back into my routine, I went to bed at 10, so that I could be up by 6 for my morning workout. I rode my usual 15 miles in 30 minutes, and then showered and headed in to work. I really wasn't hungry when I left, so I didn't eat breakfast.

Work is going well; I am about two weeks ahead of schedule - well, the schedule I set out for myself. Basically, I have 16 documents that I have to submit for approval in the next six weeks (I have been working on them for the past two weeks), and I made a schedule of when each would be submitted for review, and then when each would be submitted for approval. I have 10 of them in for review already, and possibly the last six will be in by the end of this week, which would put me a full two weeks ahead of schedule for document review.