Life in the Express Lane

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Friday I wasn't able to pick up my car until around five in the evening, and after that, I got together with Matt and Casey. We, along with Casey's cousin, and her cousin's husband, went to Hollywood Bar and Filmworks, and saw "Bridget Jones' Diary." I had a lot of fun with them all, even though we saw a chick flick.

Saturday afternoon I helped Don move into his apartment north of Chicago. When I got there, around 4:30, he and his parents and grandfather had already moved in all of the furniture and boxes. They took off back to Terre Haute, and I helped Don unpack and arrange everything. We had the oddest random occurrence taking the moving truck back. We took the truck back around 5:30 or so (keep in mind that this is a Saturday, and the office is not open), drop the keys and paperwork into the dropbox, and head out. We were trying to turn left out of the rental office, onto a five-lane road. For some reason, these high-school aged kids were wandering down the shoulder of the road, passing in front of the entrance to the rental place. It reminded me of doing highway cleanup, except none of them were picking up trash. So, by the time the first group has (slowly) wandered by the entrance - where I'm waiting to turn out - a semi was coming up from the left, and signaled that it was turning into the rental place. So, I had to back up about 50 feet to give the semi room to turn in. Then, I pulled back up to the entrance, waited for some MORE kids to wander (slowly) by the entrance, and yet ANOTHER semi came up from the left, signaled that it was turning into the rental place. So, once again, I had to back up about 50 feet to give the second semi room to turn in. One more time, I pulled back up to the entrance, waited for yet MORE kids to wander by the entrance, and *finally* got a chance to turn out of the rental place.

So, we went back, got back to putting things away in his apartment, and then went out for dinner and some shopping. We ate dinner at the bar at Lone Star, and that was when I found out that the Pacers managed to come back and miraculously beat the 76ers. After dinner, we picked up some stuff at Kmart, and headed back to the apartment. After we got just about everything put away, we relaxed by watching "Go." Then I went to sleep so that I could be up in time to get to Valpo Sunday morning to see Erica.

Sunday morning, I drove to Valpo (making *much* better time driving through Chicago on a Sunday morning than I did on a Saturday afternoon). When I got there, Erica was still at chapel, so I went in to her room, and laid down for a while until she got back. After she got back, we hung out for a while, and then decided to go get something to eat. We drove around Valpo for a while, looking first for an open florist (unsuccessfully), and then a restaurant. Not finding an open restaurant that sounded good, we decided to drive over to Merrillville. We ended up eating at the Denver Steakhouse. After that, Erica wanted to try on some dresses, and thought it might be fun to look in on Erin (one of my best friends from college), who is a manager at Express, so we went to the mall. Luckily, Erin was working, so we talked with her, and Erica tried on some clothes there. Erin told me about her new boyfriend, and also showed me the Regional Manager commendation she had received. Erica got some jeans, and we walked around in the mall for a while. I made stops at Babbages (I felt like geeking out, so I bought Star Wars: Rebellion) and GNC (needed to replenish my supplements), and then we headed out. We had to go back by Express, and on our way by, Erin motioned for us to come back in. Her boyfriend had stopped by, and she wanted to introduce us. After that, we headed back to Valpo, and then I drove back to Indy.

When I got back to Indy, I noticed that Erica's purse was still in the back seat of my car. So I'll now have to (get to?) stop by Valpo this coming weekend to get it back to her. Anyway, I chatted with my parents for a while, got online to talk to Erica for a while, played my new game for a little while, and then went to bed.

When I got up this morning, I decided to work from my hotel room. I'll probably do that all this week, although I need to go in to Lilly to pick up some documentation tomorrow. While I'm here, I'll have the opportunity to work with my boss on his structural review project. The way I see it, working alongside the boss is always a good idea; it gives me a chance to make a good impression with him. Anyway, I needed to get some food, so I stopped by Kroger, and got a sirloin, and some mushrooms. When we ate lunch Sunday, Erica and I had some *incredible* sauteed mushrooms, so I decided to make them myself. They turned out really well, so I think I might put the recipe I came up with, on my Atkins section.