My Car is Going to Love Me

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So, still not having anything really to do at work, I slept in Wednesday, and worked a half-day. Since my project is still on hold, I'm helping out another guy with his project, since I've apparently become the resident PLC expert. But, it's okay, because at least, this way, I'm proving my usefulness, and I have something to do.

Yesterday morning, I took my car in to the Honda dealer for quite a bit of maintenance work. I'll have the complete list of work, but I know it includes the 30,000-mile maintenance (engine timing, belt alignments, suspension inspection, exhaust inspection, etc), plus the front suspension (shocks/struts/coils) are being replaced, the rear breaks are being replaced, the oil pan (which was recently damaged) is being replaced, the cam seal (which may be the reason for the mysterious, and heretofore undiscovered, reason for the car losing oil) is being replaced, and some other things. All told, it will be fifteen or sixteen hundred bucks... which is why I waited until I got my tax return to take care of it.

Since they needed to keep my car overnight, I got a ride with one of my Alpha Chi Sigma brothers, to the Indy Pro meeting after work. We hold our meetings on the third Thursday of every month, always at a different restaurant in the Indianapolis area. Last night's meeting was at BD's Mongolian BBQ, at Keystone at the Crossing. Think of it as an all-you-can-eat Chinese Buffet and Mongolian grill, only without the buffet. The restaurant was quite interesting; sort of an Americanized version of the Mongolian Grill, and the food was really good. Last night's meeting was mainly social, since we did't have that much business to attend to.

When I got back to my hotel, I talked to Erica on ICQ for a little while. When I go see her Sunday, if the weather is nice enough, we may go to the Dunes (I've never been); if not, who knows. In any case, it will be nice to spend some time together.

This morning, a co-worker picked me up at my hotel so that I could get to work. Honda is supposed to call sometime today, letting me know the work on my car is finished. After work, as usual, I'll be driving back home. Tomorrow morning, I'm going to drive to Kenosha, IL, to help Don move into his new apartment.