Boy Meets Grill

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So, knowing I had nothing to do at work yesterday, I slept in a little late, and made my way into the office around quarter to nine. I did nothing constructive all day, except talk in Spanish with the woman overseeing my project, and her husband. I did get to overhear my boss here in Indy give the owner of our company an "attaboy" on my behalf; He told the owner that I'm doing, "a fantastic job here."

I did get my Easter plans set, though. I called up my uncle in Shelbyville, and will be going to church Sunday morning at my home church, Town & Country Christian in Shelbyville, and then eating lunch with my aunt, uncle, and cousins.

After leaving work, I went over to Matt and Casey's house for their inaugural cookout. I felt right at home making the hamburger patties, and, along with Matt, manning the grill. Along with Matt, Casey, and I, Dave was there, along with three of Casey's friends, Ryan, Candice, and Jen. By the time the food was all cooked, it had started to turn darker (and colder), but it was still a lot of fun. In my haste to change and get to their house, I had left my glasses at my hotel, and left with just my sunglasses. We decided to watch a movie, and while the rest of them debated what movie to watch, I drove back to my hotel to get my glasses. I was amazed how well I could see, even at night, with the polarized lenses. They really do a great job of allowing light through. Anyway, I got my glasses and made it back to their house in about ten minutes. We decided to watch "There's Something About Mary" and Dave and I both ended up falling asleep by the end of the movie.

I had originally planned to go in to work today, but then, realizing that I would be earning overtime hours to do nothing, instead decided to take today off, since it wouldn't cost me any vacation hours. So, I am just hanging out in my hotel until I decide to head for home. I'm going home this weekend, to deposit my tax refund, and pick up some things from the office in Kalamazoo, and to check my mail and what not, before returning here for Easter.