The Weekend Update

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I had a fairly decent week. I got to spend some time with Matt and Casey (which of course means we went out to eat Chinese), and met a pretty big deadline at work. Friday night, I went to see Tomcats with Tom. The movie was pretty much American Pie meets There's Something About Mary. It had its moments; hilarious in places, disturbing in others (the nut scene was just wrong). I would rather have paid a matinee or second-run price to see it.

Saturday, I went back to school for Axe initiation. It was good to catch up with everyone (especially since missing the previous initiation due to my bout with mono), and even better, I got to spend time with Erica, since she and another brother from Valpo were there. I also got to play a *lot* of euchre, and I was happy to see that I could fall right back into my old form.

After eating dinner, and going to get a hotel (I wanted to have a *real* bed to sleep in), we went to the after-initiation party. We had the traditional Iota chapter toast, and then (of course) more euchre ensued. I was often distracted by Erica's backrubs, but my partners had no reason to complain, since not only did I not lose a backrub-enhanced hand, I don't think I lost a trick. I think I have a new secret weapon ๐Ÿ™‚

As has become usual, I fell asleep on Erica while the other Valpo brother with us learned to play euchre (and the basics of bridge). We left, headed back to the hotel, and slept really well.

This morning, we had to part ways again, since I had to go back to Indy, and Erica had to go back to school. Fortunately, all my driving (which has been a LOT lately) this weekend has been blessed with absolutely gorgeous weather. I got back to my hotel in Indy, took a nap, and am going out later this evening to hang out with Dave, who has been working incessantly on his race car, in preparation for the start of the racing season. For those of you looking for an introspective entry, I apologize; I'm trying to get in to the habit of writing daily first; then, hopefully, my entries will develop into deeper writing.