Hunger, and Being Fed Spiritually

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I've been living in Kalamazoo for eight months exactly today. For a number of reasons (that I hope to get into soon), it has taken me that long to find a church home. Before college, I belonged to a wonderful church - Town & Country Christian Church in Shelbyville, IN - that I still consider home to this day. In College, I found two churches that I attended regularly - World Gospel Church and Maryland Community Church, both in Terre Haute, IN. My move to Michigan began what turned out to be an eight-month drought, with respect to my Christian fellowship. Now, I've finally found a church that I am very happy with - Kalamazoo Valley Family Church. Most importantly, I have connected with a great group of people my age there. Brett, Jason, and all you guys, I really look forward to the time we will spend together.

I'm also attending the church's Get a Grip on the Basics class, a prerequisite to church membership, and also to serving in the church. Not only does the church's beliefs align very closely with my own, I am also stretching my faith for the first time in a long time (and I will get into this topic soon, also). I mentioned in the Theater section that participating with the Kalamazoo Civic Theater made me feel for the first time that I was a part of the community here. Kalamazoo Valley Christian Church has made me feel for the first time that I am finally at home in Kalamazoo.