Another Day, and a Surprise or Two

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Yet another day has passed in what is turning out to be quite an eventful week. Classes went pretty much as they normally do. I did my design homework for tomorrow during work study, becuase I wasn't able to meet with my group this afternoon. I had two important things to do: pick up my suit, and go meet Amanda's horse 🙂

The weather wasn't all that nice today; in fact, it was pretty much putrid, raining/misting all day off and on. When I got to the Woods, the rain was on-again, so Amanda and I waited for better weather to go see her horse. While we were waiting, her sister, Natalie, who also goes to the Woods, came into Amanda's room completely spazzing out. Apparently, she had a, ah, male visitor on the way, and was not even close to being "prepared." So Amanda and I were solicited to help her get ready. Amanda cleaned Natalie's room, while I tried to help...I think I managed to pick up a stack of CDs from the floor and put them on the table 🙂

It was at this point that the first surprising thing of the day happened: while I was helping Natalie hang a poster in her room, someone came up and grabbed me from behind...I turned around, and it was Sarah...she had come over to talk to me. (I've got to give some of the credit here to Amanda...she had my back...she told Sarah that I was there.) We went to her room for maybe 10 minutes and got caught up (I hadn't talked to her for about two weeks). Then we went back down the hall (only like 3 doors away) to SO's room, and Sarah gave me a hug before she left. Now, her hugging me is nothing new, per se, because that used to be the normal way that we would say goodbye. But it was the first time in maybe a month (including the two weeks during which I didn't talk to her) that she was the one to initiate it. A good sign? Maybe...I honestly don't know. While I was talking to her, I was trying to get an idea of how, if at all, my feeing toward her had changed. By the time she left, I really didn't know how I felt. I think that if she would just let me take her out one more time, things would straighten themselves out a little bit better. I really don't feel as close to her as I was a month and a half ago...but then, we have spent so little time together. I want to be able to spend some real "quality" time with her, so that I can know if we can still regain that closeness. I'll give her a call after this weekend, and we'll see what happens.

So anyway, Sarah left, and I got back to helping Natalie get ready for her big night. Now, part of getting ready included a trip to the grocery store and a stop at the hotel to prepare the room. (Let's just say, my services were reqired for the purchase of certain items.) So we got the room all ready and headed back to the Woods. Now, during this drive, I got to know Natalie *really* well, probably better than I thought I would ever know anyone (besides Nicole, but that is a story for another day). She was worried that she was embarrassing me; little did she know that it is nearly impossible to embarrass me. Rather, I found it all to be quite entertaining. Her candor in talking to me, someone she didn't really know at all (I had met her once, about a month prior), was probably the second most surprising thing of the day.

When we got back to the Woods, we *finally* got to head over to the horse barns to meet Amanda's horse. We spent maybe ten minutes there, and fed him some oreos, before heading back to the dorm. It was about 5:30 by this point, and I had planned to be at school at 7:00 for an information session with Johnson Controls, the company with whom I'm interviewing tomorrow. We hung out in her room playing around on the computer...and all of a sudden we both realized that we needed to leave. It was 6:35; she was supposed to be with a group singing, and I needed to make the drive back to school in order to be there by 7:00. So I dropped her off at the Conserv (music hall at the Woods) and got back to school. I walked in the door at exactly 7:00, only to see everyone getting up to leave. Apparently, the session was from 6:00-8:00, not 7:00-9:00 as I had written down. No worries; I just went up and talked to the representatives there, and it actually worked out better, because I got the chance to ask all of the questions that I had about the company. That is also good because they will remember me better after the interviews tomorrow. And, hopefully that translates into a job offer...

I came back home, and after doing my Statistics homework, I decided to try on my new suit. I've got to say...I've got *so* much confidence wearing this suit. I wore it around the house for about two hours because I felt so good wearing it 🙂

I don't really feel like I've written much today. I've been talking with a lot of people today, and I think I might sleep some to mull some thoughts over, and add some more in the morning...

On second thought, I don't have time this morning to add anything more.